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Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Advanced Character Recognition Technology, ICE-Ai offers next level document automation for your business. For businesses that deal with loads of semi-structured and un-structured data, ICE-Ai is a revolutionary solution, that not only processes documents of any format or layout but also extract data from it with the highest accuracy you could get.


Improves document quality by removing background noises such as watermarks, signatures, etc, rotate and de-skew pages, and enhancing contrast and brightness.


Classifies documents automatically based on context and extracts both field and tabular information from documents irrespective of the template.


The data extracted from documents that will be sent to ERP systems are grouped and structured for the specifications of the ERP system.


One user manually checks unprocessed documents, and another will verify for accuracy and approves it or sends it back for supervision in case of errors.

Dynamic Business Rule Engine

Create business rules for processes and validate the extracted data against them for accuracy.

Data Source Connectors

ICE-Ai supports user created data sources such as Excel file, XML document, database, or file system to verify the data extracted.

SEARCH and Retrieval

The extracted data is automatically arranged and indexed, and users can retrieve data as well as documents using high level searchable fields.


Multiple workspaces can be setup for multiple business processes and can be run simultaneously.

Get Smart with
Intelligent Document Processing

Time is money. Therefore, skip the time-consuming manual data entry work that slows down your business growth. Intelligent Document Processing allows organizations to automate end-to-end processes. A time where speed and efficiency matter the most, IDP enables companies to stay ahead of the competition by increasing efficiency and cutting down the time for document processing. With reduced human error while processing, organizations can be more compliant with rules and regulations.

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