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5 AI Predictions for 2023

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most promising technologies of our era. It has transformed our lives in ways we cannot even imagine, from diagnosing diseases to driving cars. Ever since the pandemic COVID-19, the real-life applications of AI have been increasing. Many organizations quickly adopt or scale their technology, realizing the potential business value AI holds.

Let us explore some of the AI trends for 2023.

AI and Jobs

One of the major criticisms that AI advancements face is the replacement of the workforce by robots. But the truth is that introducing AI in the workplace is capable of creating more jobs. While millions of jobs will be displaced by AI, it will create new jobs, more than what it displaced in the long run. As the world is leaning toward AI technologies, embracing the change will help industries and individuals strive in the ever-changing technological landscape. The focus must be on learning new skills and upskilling to meet the new demands.

AI adoption in diverse industries

Initially, AI was implemented only in big tech companies to streamline operations. During COVID-19, a whole lot of problems challenged many industries. Some industries had to cut down their workforce, while others opted for remote work. Workers were reluctant to work on the front lines, and social distancing requirements also made companies that relied on the workforce to a greater extent acknowledge the need to devise a new business model.

With the adoption of AI technologies, many companies could let employees work remotely and automate tiring and repetitive tasks.

As AI plays a critical role in transforming business, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, and other industries are now at a stage where a decision must be made quickly.

AI-enabled transportation

While it may be difficult for many to imagine AI-enabled transportation, fleet management solutions that operate many vehicles have already employed AI to manage transportation. Although this is in the early stage of adoption, in the coming years, this will be more popular. The advanced smartphone applications that accompany this autonomous transportation is capable of delivering a smart vision into road networks. The level of control and predictive capabilities brought by AI can help global cities to contain the traffic wreck.

Accountable AI

AI has made its way into various aspects of our lives, including business and personal activities. A growing concern is that many AI-powered gadgets and even toys for kids listen to the conversion of their owners. The discussion around accountable AI has been here for a while, and as researchers and tech leaders realize the importance of developing ethical AI, they face regulatory framework and guidelines issues. Only if algorithms are used responsibly with both downstream and long-term impact in mind, can they stay clear from significant damage.

Cloud Based AI

Most companies find the deployment of AI a complicated process. To simplify the process, companies can adopt cloud technologies such as containers, serverless computing, and cognitive APIs. Cloud-based AI will increase to a greater degree by 2023, thereby making AI one of the top cloud services. Machine Learning models will be able to serve as independent functions enabled by containers and serverless computing to reduce cost and overhead. To leverage the new computing abilities, IT leaders must identify existing Machine Learning projects that can benefit from it.

The world of Artificial Intelligence is an ever-changing one, and it continues to change how we live. Though this is not a comprehensive list, it covers some of the AI predictions for 2023. The growth of AI deployment and development platforms will radically change businesses.


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