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How Accounting Errors Can Hurt Your Business

In the world of accounting, errors do happen. Some errors have little impact on your business, while some others can hurt your business. When running a business, accounting errors occur, and it is normal. But it is important to investigate and make corrections properly, otherwise, the accounting errors can lead to distortions in the overall figures of the company.

What is an accounting error?

An unintentional error in accounting entry is called an accounting error, and when such an error is spotted, it is immediately fixed. Accounting errors usually occur when recording various financial transactions. These errors are different from frauds because they are not deliberate but accidental.

Let's see the different types of accounting errors.

Data entry errors

Manual data entry causes many errors, especially in entering data into the accounting system. Duplicating or omitting entries, transposing numbers, and entering incorrect information could lead to accounting errors.

Disorganized accounts receivable data

Properly managing bookkeeping and accounting is a skill. If accounts receivables (AR) are managed manually, it could lead to discrepancies in sending out invoices to clients, which results in inefficient collections. It could also affect reconciliation efforts.

Mixing personal finances with business accounts

Some business owners tend to mix their personal expenses with the company's expenses. If a clear distinction is not made between the two, you may not know which money is used for what purpose and be unable to assess the company's profit properly.

Not investing in an AR automation solution.

For business owners investing in a good AR automation tool can help capture data from different documents and organize them in the accounting system. This ensures that all the data is properly managed, and members can access the system to easily find any information.

How Can Accounting Errors Affect Your Business?

No matter how careful your accounts department might be, some errors happen, and even if they're small, they can affect your business.

Incorrect Reporting

Be it income or expense; incorrect reporting will give wrong information about the company's profit. This could lead to over-reporting of income, overspending, too much or too little tax payments, etc. You may have to face penalties if your business taxes are miscalculated.

Increased labor costs

Errors in accounting must be rectified at the earliest, and the task itself is time-consuming, and employees must be compensated for the extra hours spent on correcting the mistakes.

Late payment charges

Noticing errors in the later stage of the accounting cycle leads to additional charges. Invoices entered past disbursement deadlines result in extra fees and interest payments.

Committing frauds

Sometimes if income and expenses don't add up, there might be chances of fraudulent activities like embezzlement from the employees. If gone unnoticed, it can severely hurt your business.

Small or big, accounting errors can hurt your business. When spotted, corrective measures like should be immediately taken to prevent any further damage to your business. As business owners, implement automation solutions that will help reduce accounting errors and help run the business smoothly.


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